Family Health on Highway

2023 PenCS Awards Finalist

  • 2023 PenCS Awards Finalist

At Family Health on Highway, we are delighted to share some exciting news! We have been named finalists for the 2023 PenCS Award for "Quality Improvement Initiative of the Year." This recognition is not only an honor but a testament to the hard work and dedication of our team in improving healthcare within our region!

The PenCS Awards are an essential platform for recognising and celebrating the achievements of primary health care organisations in Australia. These awards shine a spotlight on the efforts of primary health networks and Aboriginal community-controlled health organisations that focus on data-driven quality improvement using health informatics.

The PenCS Awards were established with a commitment to the PenCS guiding principles, which promote the quintuple aim:

  1. Improving Individual's Experience of Healthcare: At Family Health on Highway, we prioritize patient experience. Our aim is to ensure that every patient receives personalised, compassionate care.
  2. Improving Population Health: We believe in the power of proactive healthcare to enhance the well-being of our community. Our dedicated team of experienced doctors works to address individual and community health needs.
  3. Reducing Per Capita Healthcare Costs: We are committed to finding efficient solutions to providing quality healthcare.
  4. Improving the Professional Experience of Delivering Care: We take pride in providing our healthcare professionals with a supportive and fulfilling work environment, ensuring that they can deliver the best care to our patients.
  5. Advancing Health Equity: At Family Health on Highway, we are deeply committed to serving diverse communities and ensuring that healthcare is accessible to everyone, regardless of their background.

We are very grateful to be finalists for 2023 PenCS Quality Improvement Initiative of the Year Award and extend our thanks to our patients, staff, and the community for your support over the years! It's through this collective effort that we are inspired to work toward a healthier, more equitable future!