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Chemical Peels

As we go through life, we may experience problems with our skin such as sun damage, acne, hyper pigmentation, blackheads and age spots. Chemical peels can help with these problems through rejuvenating and revitalising the skin by removing dead cells resulting in a more even skin tone and texture. Chemical peels use Alpha and Beta hydroxy acids such as lactic acid and salicylic acid to dissolve the bonds that holds your skins together so it can shed more easily. This results in revealing the softer and smoother skin that you have underneath. Use these chemical peels to help you feel more refreshed and bring back the unblemished skin of your past. Skincare on Highway offers a diverse range of chemical peels to help deal with your specific needs. We are committed to helping you look and feel your best.



Immediate Post-Procedure (Days 1-2):

  • After a chemical peel, your skin is more vulnerable to sun damage due to the removal of top layers. Use sunscreen with at least 50+ SPF for at least six weeks after your chemical peel.
  • Avoid harsh soaps and cleansers that can strip natural oils from your skin.
  • Cleanse your face with cool or room temperature water and pat it dry gently with a clean towel.


Days 3-7:

  • Continue to monitor the treated area for any redness, tenderness, dryness, or mild swelling.
  • Use a gentle, water-based moisturizer to keep the skin hydrated.
  • Avoid using physical or chemical exfoliants, as well as retinol and similar ingredients.
  • Refrain from intense exercise for 3-5 days to prevent irritation.
  • Resist the urge to pick at the skin: instead, apply moisturizer 2-3 times per day

Ongoing Aftercare:

  • Continue sun protection with 50+ SPF for at least 6 weeks!
  • Continue using a gentle cleanser (suitable for sensitive skin) for 3 weeks.
  • Allow your skin to peel naturally; do not pick or pull at peeling skin.
  • Avoid acidic and salty foods as they can irritate the skin around the mouth.
  • Refrain from using makeup for 5-7 days – consult reception staff for post-treatment makeup recommendations.