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Treatment Cost


For your first visit to Glenelg Cosmetic Centre, we recommend a skin consultation to discuss the types of treatments we offer and which option is the best for your skin. We can also discuss how many treatments are needed to achieve your desired results to make you look and feel your best

Standard consult
A 15 minute appointment however the consultation cost will be absorbed towards the price of any treatment.

Please note that prices may vary


Help restore and revive your skin. The natural looking results will help enhance your appearance giving you a renewed look.

Non-invasive targeting of small fat pockets for smoother skin

Decrease excess sweating to help with sweat patches
from $900

brow lift

Raises your eyebrows for a more alert and youthful look
$150 – 350

forehead lines
Reduce frown lines across your forehead
$75 – 150

crows feet
Smoothens skin by removing wrinkles surrounding your eyes
$150 – 300

bunny lines
Restores volume to superficial lines on the sides of your nose
$75 – 150

smoker’s lines
Smoothens lines around your lips
$75 – 150

vertical lip line
Reduces wrinkles around your lips
$75 – 150

jawline slimming
Provides definition to your jaw line

neck bands
Lifts and rejuvenates skin at neck line
$250 – 400


Helps return volume to your face and can assist in enhancing features such as your lips and cheekbones

Enhancing lip volume and increasing lip line definition
Augmentation – 1-2 cc
Vertical lip lines – 0.5-1 cc
$585 – 1000

Cheek augmentation (1 – 4ml)
Improve check volume and highlight cheek bones
$650 – 1950

Marionette line (1 – 3ml)
Facial volume correction resulting in a rejuvenated look
$650 – 1600

Nasolabial fold (1 – 2ml)
Evening out the skin for a smooth and refreshed appearance
$650 – 1100


Reduce the effect of skin damage from the sun, acne, enlarged pores and other causes to give younger looking skin

Laser pigmentation reduction
Reduces the appearances of freckles, pigmentation, acne scars and age spots

Laser skin rejuvenation facial
Targets sun damage and uneven skin tone

Skin needling
Creates smoother and healthier skin by reducing stretch marks, fine lines and enlarged pores

Cleans, renews and calms your skin


Helps rejuvenate and revitalise the skin by removing dead cells resulting in a more even skin tone and texture

Jessner peel
Treatment to reduce acne and hyperpigmentation of skin

TCA 12% skin peel
Skin rejuvenation peel that improves sun damaged skin and reduces signs of ageing

Glycolic acid peel
Gives skin a refreshed, bright and refined look

Salicylic acid peel
Effective in treating acne and blackheads

Lactic acid peel
Focuses on hyperpigmentation and age spots resulting in a more even complexion